Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a progressive destruction of tooth hard tissue, evolving from enamel until pulp (« violent toothache »). Dental plaque accumulation composed of food rubbish, in contact with naturally present bacteria in mouth, changes into acids and implies a decaying risk. Acids attack teeth by digging little by little a hole across it.



  • Natural weak protection : poor saliva protection
  • Feeding rich in sugar
  • Dental plaque accumulation



  • Located tooth pain more or less intense according to the step of the tooth decay evolution
  • High sensitivity to hot and cold on the concerned tooth.


BUCCOTHERM® Recommendations

  • Regular teeth brushing after each meal with BUCCOTHERM® Tooth Decay Prevention for adults, or BUCCOTHERM® Junior or My First BUCCOTHERM® for kids ; following by a pulverization of BUCCOTHERM® Dental Spray to protect teeth from acid attacks.
  • A fluorine provision adapted to the person and its age
  • Balanced diet and low-sugared food
  • No snaking bewteen meals

Regular screening to the dentist : it will treat tooth decay at an early stage. There is no cure for tooth decay : we can stop its progress by curettage, then we need to close the residual cavity. This screening will be ideally every 6 months, at least one annual visit for adult who present few problems of tooth decay or sensitive gums.



Tooth decay risk is high for children and adolescent because of nibbling and hygiene lack.

Dry Mouth

Mouth dryness manifests itself through a reduction or stop of the salivary secretion favouring mouth diseases as such as tooth decays, canker sores, and gingivitis.



  • Physiological related to the age
  • Medicinal : neuroleptics, anxiolytics, isotretinoin
  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy



  • Sticky and dry sensation in the mouth, under the tongue, at the extremities of the lips and in the throat
  • Frequent thirst
  • Diction or chewing problems and dry nasal passages



To apply a daily moistening solution as BUCCOTHERM® Dental spray to :

  • Moisturize the mouth
  • Stimulate salivary secretion thanks to its unique composition in mineral salts
  • Protect teeth and mucous membrane from acid attacks



  • Regularly drink water
  • Chewing sugar-free gums or candies enables to favour salivary secretion. Beware, chewing too much provokes the exact opposit.