You manage a pharmacy and wish to offer a complete range of original, natural and effective products ?

Are you looking for a partner who accompanies you every step of the way in setting up your business ?


BUCCOTHERM® has been the dental partner of pharmacists for more than 15 years.


Today, we are associated with the sales teams of Pierre Fabre Oral Care for the distribution of our products in pharmacies in France.


In a high-potential market, we accompany you with high-performance tools:


  • Training of the officinal team
  • Brochures
  • POS (shop windows, posters, displays…)
  • Test Doses
  • Commercial animations and Merchandising

Do not hesitate to contact Pierre Fabre Oral Care by phone at +33 (0)8 11 02 20 22 to be put in touch with our delegates and benefit from all our offers.