Natural products

BUCCOTHERM® takes a pride in offering you the most natural products.


As our objective is to give back to nature what it offers to us, our laboratory is daily working to provide you treatments void of controversial chemicals or derived from petrochemicals. That is why ODOST Laboratory has selected Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring water as its main ingredient, a real source of benefits for the mouth.

Directly located in Castéra-Verduzan, the company fits perfectly with the town where it was built in order to limit energy losses. The Thermal Spring water is  sent directly to the plant through an umbilical cord 400-meters long made of stainless steel. It is directly conditioned at the source away from the air and all kind of pollution so that it can keep all its natural wellness and all its purity. 

All the products from the laboratory are made in the Gers. At every marketing step, we ask for collaboration of a whole local industry providing a unique know-how as an heritage of our region. 

Every active is selected to ensure a maximum tolerance and it is offered on its simpler form with the aim of combining ecology and naturality.    

Our products are always natural and/or organic certified, they are not tested on animals. We value recyclable or recycled packaging and we limit unnecessary packaging to preserve the forests. We also make financial contribution by which actions are carried out to encourage household waste management. 

BUCCOTHERM® works every day to ensure that you made no concession between your health, the environment and the efficiency of your care and the one of your children.