Unique benefits

Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring water is a unique water


It is largely thanks to its composition, rich in sulphur, that it can offer naturally incredible therapeutic properties.

As it travels through the geological layers, it becomes loaded with mineral salts and trace elements. With 1301mg/l of dry residue at 180°, this sulphated, calcium and magnesian water provides unique benefits specifically adapted to oral well-being, as proven by numerous scientific research works:


  • Its content of mineral salts and trace elements gives it soothing and remineralizing properties for teeth and gums.
  • Its high oxygen rate makes it possible to neutralize the strict anaerobic germs responsible for periodontal diseases and bad breath.
  • Its basic pH (pH = 8.1), obtained by a unique patented process, regulates the acidity of the mouth, the main factor in the imbalance of the oral ecosystem.

Drawn directly from the spring, this exceptional thermal water, 100% respectful of the oral flora, is analyzed daily in the laboratories before being used in the BUCCOTHERM® production workshops.