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A therapeutic specificity recognized since 1983


The sulfated water, full of Castéra-Verduzan calcium and magnesium, benefits from an anti-plaque, analgesic, antibacterial, healing action for the oral mucosa. This efficiency has been scientifically proven by more than 200 researches

We put at your disposal below relevant studies that prove the efficiency of this exceptional water, the main ingredient of our range of products.

  • An anti-plaque action

BUCCOTHERM, anti-plaque action graphic

The thermal mineral water of Castéra-Verduzan. Experimental study in vivo conducted by the doctor B. SEGUIN. Thesis, dentist, Bordeaux II, 1984.

The therapeutic effect of the Thermal Spring water was measured on gingivitis created by the lack of oral hygiene (no tooth brushing). At the end of the treatment, it is observed that the people have better quality gums. At the 9th day of treatment, the Debris Index (DI) improves. This observation proves the anti-plaque action of Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring water. 


  • An analgesic action

BUCCOTHERM, Analgesic action graphic

Short clinical evaluation of the analgesic & healing effects of BUCCOTHERM® Sensitive Gums and Dental Spray. Study from the Doctor Lesclous, CMU – PH. Faculty of dentistry René Descartes University, Paris V, July 2005.

The intensity of the pain 5 minutes before and after the use of the product is halved from the 2 first days.                             

BUCCOTHERM® Sensitive Gums, whether it is single used or combined to the dental spray, shows a significant analgesic action on common oral canker sores.

The duration of the analgesic action is 5 hours. No adverse effects have been registered.             

The average duration of the treatment until complete cure is 5.2 days against 7-10 days without any treatment.


  • An antibacterial action

BUCCOTHERM, Antibacterial action graphic

Comparative bacteriological evaluation in vitro, versus placebo. 

Study from the Doctor M. Sixou, PCU-PH, Faculty of dentistry of Toulouse, 2005.

This study is clearly demonstrating the respect of the oral supragingival ecosystem brought by the dental spray BUCCOTHERM® that does not present any antibacterial activity on the main aero-anaerobic bacteria gram-positive of the oral environment. This result lets us think that this product can be used in the long run without any negative impact on the oral ecology.

A moderated antibacterial action – inferior compared to a reference antiseptic such as chlorhexidine 0,12% – has been demonstrated on the five mains peri pathogens that make us think that if complementary studies showed it, this product would be indicated as a complement to periodontal treatments as part of periodontal diseases. 


  • An action on gums bleeding

BUCCOTHERM, gingival bleeding action graphic

Evaluation of the effectiveness of BUCCOTHERM® products on the reduction of gums bleeding: randomized pilot test. Study directed by the doctor M. Vergnes, 07/20/2010.

In general, in the cases of patients with gingivitis: there is a decrease of the extent and severity of gingivitis (in a population of adults after prescription of oral hygiene products), from 3 weeks, and effect retained at 2 months. This observation is even more marked with patients treated with BUCCOTHERM® products: the inflammation will have decreased more than the 3 weeks group (control), with a preserved effect at 2 months.

Our R&D Department is the keystone of our offer and that is why they pay attention to be always in touch with scientists – university and hospital laboratories, biotechnology experts, bioengineering or clinical research. 


All BUCCOTHERM® products are developed in collaboration with dentists & pharmacists. Every product is respectful of the strict standards providing from the pharmaceutical industry to ensure an optimal action with a maximum tolerance. The revendications indicated on the products have been demonstrated by clinical tests or objectification under the control of dentists.