For the little Story…

The BUCCOTHERM® range was born thanks to the combination of oral and thermal


As it was founded more than 20 years ago, the family business is the result of the meeting between Jean-Jacques Lascombes trained pharmacist and a dentist located in the Gers that made him discover the benefits of Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring water. 

After that, the will of making this water available for all thanks to its exceptional and recognized virtues for the mouth has daily guided Jean-Jacques Lascombes in the management of this booming small business. Now, it is his son Roland that has taken the lead of the company. 

Today, the laboratory is still rising in France and at the international scale thanks to the meticulous work conducted by the employees, its industrial investments and to its passionate partners that are daily involved.


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Back to the beginning in the Antiquity…


  • Antiquity: the Romans went to the thermal sources to cure throat & mouth pains.
  • 1840: The first thermal baths known for the treatment of periodontal diseases.
  • 1983: Approved source by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of the diseases of the buccolingual mucous membranes and periodontitis. 
  • 1998: Creation of ODOST Laboratory by Jean-Jacques Lascombes, a pharmacist. 
  • 1999: Rehabilitation of Castéra-Verduzan thermal station. 
  • 2002: BUCCOTHERM® launching in pharmacies and drug stores by Roland Lascombes with 3 adult products: tooth decay prevention toothpaste, sensitive gum toothpaste gel fluoride-free and the dental spray.
  • 2005: Launching of the children range with the toothpaste “My first” toothpaste for children with mango flavor. 
  • BUCCOTHERM® gets internationalized: beginning of the internationalization of the brand. 
  • 2007: Launching of BUCCOTHERM® Teething gel. The children range gets wider with new flavors: strawberry & peach !
  • 2009: Launching of BUCCOTHERM® whitening & care toothpaste. 
  • 2010: The products formulas are updated to be more natural. Our organic products hold the ECOCERT certification. 
  • 2011: Launching of BUCCOTHERM® mouthwash alcohol free and BUCCOTHERM® mouth spray organic certified. 
  • 2012: Launching of CASTERA® dermo cosmetic range with Thermal mist.
  • 2014: Expansion of CASTERA® range, cleansing water, cleansing gel & a solar spray. Launching of a sugar-free BUCCOTHERM® chewing-gum.
  • 2016: Launching of the certified organic toothpaste for kids over 3 years old fluoride-free. 
  • 2017: Distribution of the BUCCOTHERM® range in France in pharmacies by Pierre Fabre Oral Care. 
  • 2019: Launching of BUCCOTHERM® sensitive gums toothpaste gel organic certified with fluoride and launching of BUCCOTHERM® Junior toothpaste from 7 to 12 years old, Iced Tea Peach flavour organic certified.