An ancestral secret

Exploiting the benefits of Thermal Water is an ancestral practice


The Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring water used in our BUCCOTHERM® products is a perfect example.

Between Toulouse and Bordeaux, in the heart of Gascony (Gers), this exceptional natural water comes directly from the spa of Castéra-Verduzan.

It is reported that in their time, the Romans already took advantage of the exceptional sources of Castéra-Verduzan, be it the Petite and Grande Fontaine. Entire camps even seem to have been set up nearby and it is not by chance that the word “Castéra” comes from the Latin “Casta” which means “Camp”.

Of course, the idea of using this beneficial water did not stop at that time. Since then, the inhabitants of the city have always given their trust to this thermal spring to cure all kinds of ailments, especially those of the throat or mouth.

From these ancient rituals were born the modern products we use today: mouthwashes, gargle and all hygiene practices based on this simple natural element, yet so powerful and generous in its benefits.

If the thermal establishment dates back to 1817, built by the Marquis de Pins on the site of the Grande Fontaine, the spa is today one of the first to offer cures dedicated exclusively to the care of the mouth.

Recognized since 1983, it is also the first station approved by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of AMB (Oral-Lingual Mucous Membrane Disorders) and periodontal diseases. In 1999, a new borehole called “Renaissance” brought out from the bowels of the earth this sulphated, calcic and magnesian water at a temperature of 22°C.

The waters of Castéra are mainly used for drinks and baths, general and local showers, irrigation and injections. The baths of this thermal water are known to be both tonic and sedative, and are an undeniable source of well-being.

To find out the detailed program of the spa treatments at the Castéra-Verduzan Spa, visit their website accessible here.

Hundreds of people who come back each year keep emphasizing the positive results of this exceptional water on their health thanks to its incredible therapeutic effectiveness.

Among its many areas of intervention, we can mention the following:


  • Gum disease, or periodontal disease
  • Inflammations of the mouth and tongue
  • Diseases of the mucous membrane
  • Dry mouths
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Bad breath, or halitosis
  • Mouth plan lichen
  • Intolerance to fixed or mobile prostheses

The Laboratoire ODOST (Odonto-Stomatologie Thermale) has therefore sought to draw inspiration from the treatments practiced in the spa to make the most of the benefits of the waters of Castéra-Verduzan, both for hygiene and for daily oral care. This is how the first range of oral hygiene products based on Thermal Spring water was born: BUCCOTHERM®.