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Bad Breath


Bad breath, also called “halitosis”, appears when mouth flora gets unbalanced. It manifests itself by a nauseous smell, due to some foods like garlic, onion, tobacco or coffee.



Bad breath may be caused by several factors. It can come from food, tobacco and alcohol consumption or digestive disorder. But the origin of this ache is mostly dental : dental plaque, mouth ulcerations, tooth decay, dental infections, defective filling, salivary insufficiency…



A rigorous and regular dental hygiene with BUCCOTHERM® Tooth decay, followed by a BUCCOTHERM® Mouthwash to purify and stabilize mouth flora. All along the day, some sprayings of BUCCOTHERM® Oral spray will allow you to keep a fresh breath.



In 80% of the cases, halitosis is due to a mouth problem.