Dry mouth

Mouth dryness manifests itself through a reduction or stop of the salivary secretion favouring mouth diseases as such as tooth decays, canker sores, and gingivitis.


  • Physiological related to the age
  • Medicinal : neuroleptics, anxiolytics, isotretinoin
  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy


  • Sticky and dry sensation in the mouth, under the tongue, at the extremities of the lips and in the throat
  • Frequent thirst
  • Diction or chewing problems and dry nasal passages


To apply a daily moistening solution as BUCCOTHERM® Dental spray to :

  • Moisturize the mouth
  • Stimulate salivary secretion thanks to its unique composition in mineral salts
  • Protect teeth and mucous membrane from acid attacks


  • Regularly drink water
  • Chewing sugar-free gums or candies enables to favour salivary secretion. Beware, chewing too much provokes the exact opposit