Sugar free chewing-gum

20 chewing-gums, mint taste

BUCCOTHERM® sugar free chewing-gum is made with Castéra-Verduzan thermal springwater, xylitol and Mint. Recommended by the French Union of oral Health in addition to regular brushing, this gum refreshes the breath and helps to fight against tooth decay.

BUCCOTHERM® sugar free chewing-gum :

  • Brings a lasting fresh breath
  • Helps to neutralize acid attacks, factor of the development of tooth decay
  • Helps to reduce tooth demineralization
  • Helps to reduce dry mouth

Why ? Chew gum (sugar free) increases the flow of saliva, cleansing food remains and neutralizing the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth, thus contributing to the fight against carial disease. Increased saliva flow is also accompanied by more calcium and phosphate to help strengthen tooth enamel.

For adults.

In addition to regular brushing, chew this gum for 20 minutes after each feeding (up to 6 chewing gum per day)

This product will suit:

  • adults
  • kids (from 6 years old)


  • Thermal water
  • Xylitol
  • Fluoride
  • Fresh mint