Our Values


Laboratoire ODOST cares about developing natural high quality products. Therefore, it conceives its products according to quality standards and international pharmaceutical norms.

ODOST is certified:

  • NF EN ISO 13485 : 2016 - ISO 13485 : 2016, norm dedicated to systems of quality management for medical devices

ODOST respects the demands of:

  • ISO 22716/2007, norm dedicated to good cosmetic manufacturing practices

We have a traceability system in place which allows us to trace each product at a given time, from our suppliers to our customers.


The products, issued from our manufacturing process, are developed in collaboration with dentists and pharmacists.
Indicated revendications on the products are proven by clinical or objectification tests under dental surgeon's control.French Union for Oral Health

Our Research and Development Department is at the heart of the company. It brings dental surgeons, pharmacists, chemical engineering and galenists together, in permanent touch with the scientific world as academic and hospital laboratories, experts in biotechnologies, bio-engineering or clinical research. Each product respects rigorous norms of the pharmaceutical industry in order to guarantee efficiency with a largest tolerance.

BUCCOTHERM® products are nowadays advised by dental surgeons and labeled as such by UFSBD (French Union of Dental Health).


The ODOST Laboratory is a family company dedicated to the creation and manufacture of cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products.


From conception to realization, ODOST has full control over research, development, creation of formulas, purchases of raw materials and packaging.

In the interests of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and the provision of new, high-performance care in the market, we focus on research and innovation.

Our will is to develop innovative formulas, respecting the brand's values: efficiency, safety and well-being.


We make sure to select the softest and most natural ingredients possible. The products of the ODOST Laboratory offer a perfect tolerance, even in the most sensitive people.