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Is there a link between our organs and our teeth?
Since the 1960s, doctors and dentists have discovered that there are links between the health of our organs and our teeth. What if your health troubles were caused by your teeth? Is there re
BUCCOTHERM® Colourful Kids Kits
Have you tried out our great kits for kids? In addition to being water resistant, colourful and playful, these beautiful kits are helpful for establishing good oral hygiene habits from a you
The UFSBD Congress 2018
From tomorrow to May 20th, oral health professionals will meet up for the Congress of the UFSBD (French Union for Oral Health) in La Grande Motte. We want to thank the UFSBD for proudly g
Your Children's Teeth are Our Priority at BUCCOTHERM®
Your children’s teeth are our priority at BUCCOTHERM®. That's why we deliver many tips and messages to show you how to protect your children's teeth and gums. The Kid's corner has been desig